Trapped in the Internet

Tunnel-vision. That’s what it is and that’s how it becomes. You are lost in a world of self-induced parroting. You have liked them, friended them, followed them. And, that is who you listen to everyday. The same voices over and over spewing the same information, reinforcing views. The rest of the outside world is not getting in. You have built a fortress around you and you block the ones that disagree. New points of view and counter-arguments never make it through. You have become a drone on the Internet. You are lost in a world of the same. Does this reflect in your physical life? Have you looked up from your screen to see and interact with the world around you? Is it different from what you see on your 5 inch screen? Can you filter out the people in the real world the same way you can when you are traveling through cyberspace? Would you want to?

Your perspective is their perspective which is your perspective which is their perspective. There is no other information. There is no growth.

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