Mars | Minor Reflection on Change

**Part of the Mars Chronicles – more found under Writing in the Nav

It was an interesting day. Certainly not what Officer Candidate Mars thought was going to happen. He had woken up, driven to work, worked half a day at his civilian job and then drove down to Fort Pickett, Virginia. The drive had taken four hours. He had changed into his army combat uniform, or better known as ACUs, at a truck stop on interstate 95. Before leaving he looked in the mirror and noticed how different he looked and how odd he felt. He had gone from a three piece suit to a U.S. Army digital camouflage uniform. It wasn’t the civilian clothes to military uniform that caused the concoction of emotions. It was the fact that the name tape above his left breast pocket read U.S. Army as opposed to U.S. Marines. None of his former colleagues would believe that he was now in the Army. Mars could hardly believe that he was in the Army. It had taken a long time to get there, to even consider joining the Army National Guard. The Marines made fun of the Army. And the Army made fun of the National Guard. And a few years earlier, Mars had been a Marine.

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